Corruption in Security System, Bribery, Dirty Money and Family Relationship Controls the Ministry of Interior

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If it does not change the world, it will be there for the world to read it and to know the truth…

Rosemary Armao (Tunis, 2016)


Corruption in Security System, Bribery, Money and Family Relationship Controls the Ministry of Interior


It may even sound like an exclusive leak, however what this investigative report will prove and reveal is that the system is indeed corrupted in the ministry of interior and among security forces themselves. This is an attempt to understand the system that is for sure ruled by dirty money and bribery along with family relationships.


What we are about to tell is a type of an inside story. I will try to focus on given details that were revealed to tell the hidden truth and at the same time, I will try to focus on the main subject that this investigation has started for: corruption.

This is not an attack or criticism for the system even-though it states the flaws of its agents and administration. One cannot also deny the importance of the security system in Tunisia and their sacrifice for the country. However, what we are trying to reveal is the behind scene of the Ministry of Interior and its administrations all over the country.


The man who led me to most of my interviewees told me more than even I asked for.

My first source is a discharged police officer who had been in service, Kais Kassas a discharged angry security officer who revealed from the first interview all about the corrupted system of the security forces and how this system led officers to be either discharged or recruited in terrorist group whenever they do not obey the orders.


Kassas started with the situation of officers and how fragile their position were, he stated his case in which he  was discharged from his position before the revolution for the reason of not following some administrative orders he received and that caused the loss of his colleague weapon.


The whole story is a suspicious one, he said, because the gun was lost after nine months of his replacement from a governorate to another: Sousse to Tunis.

I delivered the weapon to my boss along with my colleague’s weapon that I had in my possession at that period. However and only after nine months I was questioned for my colleague’s weapon that they have said they did not find.

I headed to the administration in Sousse where I used to work and since the officer who lost his gun was so close to the administration I knew that I had to pay the price of someone else mistake. I was discharged for this reason and now I am left even without a medical care cover.


Six or seven thousands dinars bribery are required today if I want my position back…while after the revolution and thank to both agreement number :2710 and 2711, forty one security officers were back to their position; 11 among them were accused and charged of murder and were also imprisoned for that, 7 for smuggling drugs, 9 for awful morality issues. However we were discharged for reasons that seems to be nothing if we compare them to the one previously mentioned.

“We are not included in the one who got their positions back because we are no relative to the authority responsible nor we have the amount of money required to for the bribery” Said one of the discharged officer I had interviewed


To start with facts, incidents and decisions made it clear in the security system and especially in the Ministry of interior that money and family relationships are the major tool an agent or an officer can get to reach high positions. This confirmed by most of discharged officers I have interviewed.


The reason behind the discharge and the secrets revealed by these officers will feed our story and reveal the source of corruption in the security system in Tunisia. It will also, answer the main question behind this investigative report: Does corruption in security services ended by the rise of the revolution?


“They were 450 discharged security forces members, among them police officers,  30 customer service agents added to 150 military officers who were discharged for different reasons …The issue was clarified when some of these discharged officers were back to work while others were ignored. According to Mohsen Kafsaoui, discharged officer and Head of the Syndicate for the Discharged Security Officers, our main interviewee, this action revealed the real corrupted system that rely on the fact that some of the discharged officers were rich and their money sources were mainly drug, illegal trade, smuggling

Mohsen Kafsaoui, discharged officer and Head of the Syndicate for the Discharged Security Officers

Below is part of our interview with Kafsaoui in which he revealed the corrupted bribery circle in the Ministry of interior;

Kafsaoui experience with the system led him to revolt against it in a way to support officers in the same position that he is.

The  fact that the Ministry of interior has not been changed since the revolution is the first thing the head of the syndicate reveals.

The fact that Ben Ali fled does not mean that his people left their position or lost control of the country that is why we cannot deny that security system was, is and still full of corrupted figure, gangster like group and even criminals that Kafsaoui will give several detailed examples about them.


The whole security system turns to be controlled by a one man who is an insider from the ministry of interior  9

There are is a corrupt agent in the ministry of interior that is resàpçonsible for bringing back fired officers for bribes, among the returned officers he brought back to office are people who are involved in killing, torture cases, the fitness, and smuggling drugs. They were the responsible for corruption in the whole country

The whole bridge operation is based on the fact that these corrupted fired officers are known as rich people who are able to pay whatever is asked from them since most of them were rich thieves or drug dealers


The ministry of interior agent was able to blackmail these fired officers and gain money to put them back in the system. How they did this?

They relied on the document 151  published in February in 2011 by Farhat Rajhi that states that all fired security agents that were discharged before the revolution except the security officers who reached the age of retirement


This document is still valid till today, they are using it to bring back discharged officers to their positions and there is no law that came to cancel it till today

The real decision makers are not the ministers, they are rather the people who surround them, even if they ask a minister to sign his resignation, he would. That’s how much powerful they are

Diçschared Officers were back in officer on 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015

In my latest media appearance, I said that for Hadi Majdoub, the current Minister of Interior, he is the only Minister that they could not control him in order to bring officers back to office but lately they found a way to do so!  Mourad Haddaoui, the police officer who killed two double nationality owners german, Tunisian girls in Kasserine. He is back in office today, even promoted


This man was involved in a killing case, he is back in officer today.

We can never compare a killer to a thief in these’ cases, he did not even kill a criminal or a suspect.

The lost of control on who’s who and who is in control is an endless battle in the Ministry of interior as confirmed by our speaker Kafsaoui.


This one corrupted person from the ministry of interior blackmailed these officers and asked for money to put them back in their position and that is what really happened eventually.

The choice of the discharged officers who are now back in their position reveals it all, confirmed Gafsaoui. Most of them could afford the bribery required to get back in position. However most of them also are deeply involved in criminal actions: now let’s start with facts and names.

Beshir Betaib, colonel who was involved in the death in a car.  “Mistaking them for members of an armed group”, Ahlem and Ons were shot to death at night by a Security Guard Patrol in Kasseine.

After a period in prison, the officer who was involved in this incident is today in position and he is even in higher position than the one he was in before. He was sentenced for 4 years in prison, served 3 years and now he is in position in Bouchoucha prison.

Fathi Hammami, Abdel Aziz Bakoush, and Samir Nafti three accusers in the same case. Two of them are back after being charged for murdering a prisoner while investigating and torturing him. They were sentenced to 20 years in prison, however they were released in a general amnesty by the president Moncef Mazouki ( President of Tunisia from 2011 to 2014)


Fathi Hammami, was back thanks to Rachid Ghannouchi intervenience, said Kafsaoui. Simply he was advised to be put back in position thanks to his neighbour, a made in Ghannouchi’s house. It was thanks to her that Ghannouchi asked Lotfi Ben Jeddou to give him back his position and that is what happened. As simple as that!

This, confirmed Kafsaoui proves the loose in the system and the importance of relationships in the security system.


Amel Bouhoush, around 37 years old, with two children, unemployed women with no chance to be employed because she was discharged from her position as a police officer.

Her story proves the corruption of the police administration that could be ruled by a spoiled child of an important high officer in the Ministry of interior.He was a regular officer but he has the authority of the head of whole police department.


“He has a crush on me, he wanted me and I got sexually harassed by him constantly and every time I rejected him he got even angrier. It did not stop there, when one of my colleague proposed to me and I agreed he stands between me and my marriage.”

There is a formal document that every security officer has to present to his boss to be signed as an aprovement to get married from a colleague-fiancee(in the Tunisian law there is a document that should be filled and signed so that two officers can get married)


He kept harassing her and tried to ruin her reputation. She ended up moving from her position to another and breaking up with her fiancee to marry a Syrian who left her now with two children to take care of.

(Discharged decision with false reason explained in a video by Amel Bouhoush…)

Below is the decision to discharge the officer Amel


Amel chances to go back in her position is so low according to her since she has no money to bribe the system and she had no one in power to pave her way back. “The man who destroyed her life” as she said is even promoted today and his father is still a well known politician even after the revolution.

All she ask for today is a fair chance to get her position as an officer like any other discharged officers.


All in  all, my theory for this project was based on the possibility that corrupted cops still there in the streets and behind offices using their positions to become richer, abuse weeks, and to control other people’s lives, people like you and me who might though for a minute that we are free to talk, think and support whoever we want.

This theory is proven and corruption is right there and no one is able so far to stop it.

To be fair now I am moving to other interviewees, my next step for this investigative report is to hear victims of this corrupted system, they may not know about it much but they are the only one who can tell us what the loose of power and control is doing or did to their life for they are the one who paid the price.

They have been there since ever, depressed behind bars. Activists, freedoms riders, youth or just believers were imprisoned and tortured just for being against the system in Ben Ali.


Beshir Khalfi, activist and now author of one of the most readed novel in Tunisia: Draga: (hidden place for prisoner to write in it)


His story started when he got involved in the movement and then imprisoned for the same reason

His heart is today incredibly clean from any anger or intentions to revenge like many interviewees I have spoken to in my short career. I never understand from where do they get the strength to forgive the one who hurt them.

“All I want is an apology from the one who tortured me. A sincere apology, nothing more.” Khalfi

My next report will be told by the victims of the system, let’s hear it from their side as they are the one who really should tell us about the real corruption of the security system and how it changed their lives.

Documents and agreements mentioned in this report are in the author’s possession..


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