Is Freedom of Expression Worth Dying For?

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Things I really want to talk about, a storm in my head just starts the moment I closed
my eyes.

More than 16 dead  marking the revolution day in Egypt, what for?

Why Revolutions Keep Failing!!?

They went there just to commemorate martyrs and remember the Egyptian revolution, only to become martyrs of the failed revolution!

Social media immediately shared shocking picture of Shaimaa El-Sabbagh, who was in Tahrir Square, and who only went to commemorate and to celebrate the ‘revolution’.

She was shot dead only to leave a great disappointment in the so called ‘revolution’. Shot by a bird-shot! what else? They are saying she is targeted because she belonged to he Socialist Popular Alliance Party! I think the Arab world needs another revolution, but only a peaceful one. Let’s try to abide and shush our selves for a while only to see what happen to those who are obsessed with power. Or not!

So, basically the system is trying to say, if you really like those who sacrificed their life for the sake of this country, be one.

We are not far from that scene, I can imagine the same thing happening in Tunisia, I can even imagine it happening to me. There is nothing called pure democracy, nor civilians rights. If you upset the people in power and appears to be a target in a national event. You just die accidentally, no details, or no specific justifying details can be said about the incident.

For the Egyptian government, saying that Brotherhood, or as named Ikhwan, were in the demonstration is the silliest excuse ever made. I mean more than 16 person died, not one nor too and you are blaming it on a certain party. Even if the devil itself starts killing people, where is the police, the so strong and heavy security that you keep praising, taking a nap!

Yeah, eventually what happen just happened and you can never undo that!  people died four years ago so that no more people would die today. Naming this as revolution will be a crime…what a shame!

Dictatorship shall not be allowed to return, we had enough of bloody unexplained incidents already. To those who think they will get away with such crimes, you will never find peace. ‘Live and Let Live’ now seems to me an advice for those who are still planning to clean the world. Instead clean your mind people!!

A poet, a politician, and a martyrs, Shaimaa El-Sabbagh is still alive. You have just created another model to follow fools.

Still struggling with one question, is freedom of expression worth dying for?


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